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Welcome to TaxiFair Insurance where we focus on one thing exclusively: Taxi Insurance! From our offices in Cork City and Dublin City Centre, we offer you direct access to experienced and expert staff who understand the Taxi industry inside and out. Working with a range of insurers, we offer impartial advice to suit your individual needs and offer traditionally structured insurance products and innovative, telematics based insurance solutions. 


Our history

As our name suggests we like to do things the right way, the fair way, which hasn’t always happened for Taxi drivers lately. In fact, over the past few years there seems to have been an automatic assumption that when a Taxi driver is involved in an accident they are ‘guilty until proven innocent’. This type of attitude and approach has seen some driver’s insurance premiums increase by a minimum of 70% (and some as high as 500%!), over the past 3 years.

At TaxiFair Insurance, we are here to level the playing field and fight for your rights to ensure that you can secure comprehensive insurance at competitive prices.
— Luke Calvert, Director

From here we can already hear the sceptical amongst you (Taxi drivers, sceptical? Never!) groaning that you’ve heard it all before. But, we encourage you to talk to us and experience TaxiFair Insurance for yourself; you’ll soon find out that we provide a new and innovative offering in comparison to the current insurance options for Taxi drivers and operators.

Whilst we are a new brand name in the insurance market, our tight-knit team has over 75 years combined experience in providing insurance solutions to leading consumers and leading companies in the Insurance market.

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We are Taxi / Public Service Vehicle Insurance Experts

Our team is comprised solely of Taxi Insurance experts. All they deal with is Taxi Insurance exclusively, meaning we’ve seen almost every type of issue facing Taxi drivers. This means we can quickly and efficiently deal with any scenario you encounter, as we’ve almost certainly seen it (and solved it) before.

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We provide access to Experienced Personnel at all times

At TaxiFair Insurance you are not going through to a call centre operation with a ‘computer says no’ approach. Instead you are dealing directly with Directors of the business who are vastly experienced. This means we are not focused on short-term sales targets but in giving you genuine advice on the solution that suits your individual needs

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We are Independent and Impartial

At TaxiFair Insurance we are a rarity in the Taxi Insurance space; a genuinely impartial and independent broker. We are not tied to, nor exclusively working with, a single insurer. Instead we offer you a range of choices, enabling you to select the product that is the right fit for you.

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We are Forward Thinking

The Taxi Insurance market has undergone a tumultuous few years, as it has fallen victim to the cyclical nature of the insurance market where competition has decreased, prices have increased and its become difficult to purchase insurance. We didn’t just sit back and collect high premiums but proactively sought a solution; initially working with an existing Taxi insurer to widen acceptance criteria and bring competition back into the market before also bringing a new insurer into this space to offer more competition and a completely different product.


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